Transfer Credit Agreement Uww

Some departments or programs require an AMP that is higher than the standard 2.0 requirements. This is sometimes the case when a student brings more than 24 transferable credits to UW-Whitewater. Students who pass without the associated degrees or bachelor`s degrees described above must meet all remaining communication and computational requirements before completing 60 units to graduate. Students transferring 60 or more units to the degree must meet all remaining performance requirements during their first UW-Whitewater semester. UW-Stout, B.S. Career, Technical Training (Any 1-year or 2-year degree can advance to this program) One student who has lived through both schools is Samantha Rayyan, a Libertyville human resources researcher. “At CLC, I discovered my passion for a staff career, and advisors helped me start planning,” she said. “I chose UW-Whitewater because it has an amazing business school, and an advisor at the university`s admissions office was extremely helpful in guiding me through the steps of transmission.” If you`re considering switching to UW-Whitewater, here are a few points that may still be on your to-do list: Applicants should use the online application available under apply.wisconsin.edu/. The instructions for applying for authorisation shall specify the procedure to be followed. An applicable registration fee or fee rebate is required for all transfer students, except those who have recently visited a UW campus. In addition to applications for admission and high school registrations, students must submit official transcripts of all post-secondary institutions visited. Applicants may be provisionally accepted during the last enrolment period at the sending institution, provided that they meet the minimum academic requirements for admission to the university. UW-Whitewater also recognizes certain tests offered by the College Board through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and by Prometric via DSST.

For more details, see www.uww.edu/testing/exams-for-credit. You can explore credit transfer between the Wisconsin Technical College System and the UW system at Transfer Wisconsin. Contact the receiving university/university directly to check accuracy. Admission to UW Transfer University is guaranteed if you: The University of Wisconsin – Whitewater offers students the opportunity to earn advanced college credit and/or an advanced position based on the exam. Students who wish to obtain credit per exam contact the examination office (262-472-5613) for information. Students can also go www.uww.edu/testing/exams-for-credit mention of university-approved exams. A maximum of 60 units per test is permitted; These include sector-specific and nationally managed audits, as well as other performance certificates transferred by another institution to UW-Whitewater. The corresponding units can be transferred from one programme to another within the university. Transfer courses/credits between the program and the articulation agreement are only accepted for the conclusion indicated in the agreement. A change in the main subject invalidates these courses/credits for transfer unless they are approved under another program-to-program articulation agreement for another core subject at UW-Whitewater….