Saudi Rental Agreement

Here on this screen, you can also see if your landlord creates invoices for all the rents you pay. As you can see below, four quarterly payment invoices have been generated in my account. Ejar aims to preserve the rights of tenants at all stages of the rental process, starting with the inspection of the housing unit, to guarantee their integrity before signing the standard contract with the lessor, who is himself required to carry out regular maintenance work and be responsible for the safety of the buildings, and ends with the facilitation of the tenant`s rental process through the e-network of rental services “Ejar, This allows the tenant to benefit from a number of services, including: once this is done, a new screen is displayed with a confirmation message attesting that the house rental agreement (Ejar) has been accepted electronically. Agents usually calculate the equivalent of 2.5% of the annual rental value. But feel free to negotiate. Remember that in Saudi Arabia, the rental market fluctuates often. So it`s best to do a comparative study of online resources before you start looking for a place. What is the impact of the lease in Saudi Arabia on employers? All rental contracts in Saudi Arabia must be registered on Ejar`s electronic system. an online portal that monitors your rental space. This one has all the details of the owner, tenant and agent, so there is transparency and minimal disputes from the beginning.

If you do not register with Ejar as a tenant, your work permit will not be renewed. While the registration and authentication processes are very simple, the new law will likely impact the total time it takes to complete the immigration process in Saudi Arabia. It will increase the cost of obtaining employment status and make it more difficult for those who share housing. Ultimately, it is not uncommon for companies to place their employees in service apartments with rental contracts issued in the name of employers – will employment agencies accept such contracts? Unfortunately, there is no way to check the Ejar contract on Absher once it has been approved by the tenant.. . .