General Counsel Services Agreement

In-house lawyers have a lot of obligations and new projects or obstacles that can overload an already overburdened legal department. Epstein Becker Green is available to complement the capacity or experience of a company`s existing legal team and serve as an external general counsel for companies that do not have in-house consulting skills. Epstein Becker Green provides General Counsel services to his clients across the country, many of whom operate in highly regulated environments such as healthcare, financial services, pharmaceuticals and others. And we offer customized options for General Counsel support that best meet a client`s needs and budget. Our team of lawyers has experience as a general counsel or in leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies. health systems, insurers and organizations; pharmaceutical companies; and global financial companies, among others. Leverage this “real-world” experience and industry know-how, as well as the resources of our health and life sciences; employment, labour and labour force management; litigation & Business Disputes Practices – we can advise and advise (and, where appropriate, defend) companies that need additional legal support. Epstein Becker Green Lawyers offer general counsel services tailored to the needs of each client. As an external general advisor, we can, among other things, coordinate and monitor: we work closely with each client and have a thorough understanding of their business model and objectives.

Our goal is to offer the client the best and least expensive solutions for their legal interests. We also attach importance to a proactive approach that reduces customer risk and eliminates issues that could lead to unnecessary problems or lawsuits.