Dha Rental Agreement

Fill out this form only if you are a lessor requesting a rent adjustment and/or a change in the utility company. Please send the completed form to DHA at least 60-90 days before the end of the rental or in accordance with your rental agreement. If approved, DHA will notify you of the effective date to ensure that DHA grants the tenant a 30-day notice of an increase in their rent share. At the end of the lease, the property will be returned to you. This means you can move in, rent or sell privately as you wish. This property is for sale on behalf of an owner of Defence Housing Australia and has a lease from Defence Housing Australia. Visit dha.gov.au to learn more about the benefits of a defence housing investment from Defence Housing Australia. The photos are provided in agreement with DHA and are for illustrative purposes only. We have a panel of real estate agents who understand our real estate and agreements. They offer competitive commission rates and advertising fees. We pay a rental price that corresponds to the current market. An independent expert verifies the price every year.

Companies, trusts and autonomous superfunds can buy a DHA investment property or rent real estate from us. Many of our properties have been purchased by such companies and benefit from our long-term lease, zero vacancy, reliable rental income and fixed management fees. You can sell your property during the lease, but it must be concluded with the lease and the property maintenance contract. This means that the buyer continues under the same conditions as your initial agreement. The investor is always obliged to pay the costs of the municipality, ancillary costs, items and contributions of reduction funds, pest declarations and building insurance. Although they can be sold during the lease, this is limited to those who want a DHA property. For more information, see the Payments Manual (PACMAN), Chapter 7 (7.2.18 Home leased for commercial purposes). Our properties are usually sold through a voting system that takes place every two weeks….