Break Clause Tenancy Agreement Hong Kong

If the rental document does not contain an interruption clause, neither the lessor nor the tenant can unilaterally terminate the rental agreement. The only possibility for a tenant who wishes to terminate a rental agreement before the expiry of the agreed term is then to offer the lessor to assign the lease. Subject to negotiations between the parties, the tenant must normally pay an amount in exchange for the lessor`s acceptance of the remittance. Some tenants are simply a huge pain in the neck that you can work with. It`s easy to mis-evaluate a person if you`ve only met them a few times, and what seemed like a perfect fit during the application process can become an unwelcome nightmare. Almost all the owners and owners have taken care of this matter, so you are not alone if it is about problems that you are currently facing. Sometimes a tenant will appear perfect on paper, but once the keys are handed to him and they have moved in, there will be nothing but a flood of incessant complaints and problems. Maybe you have to constantly take care of repairs because they are constantly breaking appliances in the property, they are always late with rent and other incidental costs, or they suffer from endless complaints about your new tenants by the surrounding neighbors. Either way, when they are a pain to work with that ends up causing more pain than gain and running dry, it`s time to say enough and let them undress. MandM! may be right.

One-year leases are not common. As a rule, they are for two years, with the possibility of breaking after one year, but terminating two months in advance. This means that 14 months is the first thing you can leave. Are you sure your lease is only for one year? The standard is 2 years, the first being fixed and the second year being the interruption clause. In this case, you must cancel the two months in advance. I`m holding you last month, and it looks like you`re going to become. He will try to negotiate a deal, and if you have little choice, you could take it. That`s why the owners do it. Under normal circumstances, both the lessor and the lessee cannot terminate the rental agreement before the expiry, unless one of them has breached the main contractual conditions (e.g.

B the tenant does not pay the rent or the landlord enters the property illegally). . . .