Bank Of America Electronic Banking Agreement

This Agreement exists between any eligible account holder, an authorized account applicant, or an authorized representative who has been or is authorized to access online on behalf of another person (“you” or “your”) and Bank of America, N.A. (Bank of America). This Agreement governs the use of online or mobile banking services provided by Bank of America and accessible through bankofamerica.com with a PC or mobile device, including a smartphone, tablet or other authorized portable or portable communication device (the “Services”). After accepting this disclosure of eCommunications, you may be able to continue to set your preferences for obtaining certain categories of communications in electronic and paper format; (2) only in electronic format; or (3) only in paper format. Configuring your communication settings may not be available for all products, accounts, or services. For more information about the availability of your options for managing their electronic communications preferences, please visit the preferences page for electronic communications on the website where you access your communications. If you decide to receive certain notifications on paper and some electronically, communications you receive electronically will be subject to such disclosure of electronic notifications. By using Cash Flow Monitor, you acknowledge and agree to provide Bank of America with information about you, your company, your financial accounts and your employees (the “Information”). You may also choose to provide third-party account information to Bank of America, as explained above in the “Third Party Information/Service Restrictions” section. If required by data protection law, your agreements with Bank of America or other applicable legal requirements, you represent that you have received notifications and consents from any third party with whom you transact or whose data is accessible through your accounts. Bill Pay payments sent by corporate check or private check with different payment names can be combined into an envelope if those payments have the same mailing address and your recipient has not registered their full/unique mailing address with the USPS, including their secondary address name, for example.B. Suite, room, floor, department, building or unit.

If necessary, we will change or format your payment account number to match the account number or format required by your payee for electronic payment and eBill activation. For Merrill Edge Self-Directd Investing customers, if you withdraw your consent to such disclosure of electronic communications, we may stop providing electronic messages and terminate your relationship and/or account with us. For Merrill Edge Self-Directd Investing clients whose accounts have been moved from Banc of America Investment Services, Inc. to Merrill Edge, if you withdraw your consent to such disclosure of eCommunications, we may stop providing electronic communications. . . .