Agreement For Hiring Of Locker Sbi

If you deposit the safe before the end of the rental, the remaining rent will be refunded. In most cases, this happens when the unexapsed portion of the rental term is at least one year. As a rule, banks take a deposit that covers the rent for up to three years. If you received the safe after opening an FD, but you want to deposit the safe before the FD expires, the bank can refund the deposit and treat it as an early closure of the FD. Most of us like to keep our valuables in bank vaults and not in safes. But how safe are bank vaults? The Reserve Bank of India said in 2017 that banks are not required to compensate you if the contents of your locker are stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster. Nevertheless, they are considered safer than other options. If you`re thinking about taking a bank safe, here are five things you need to keep in mind. DURING THE LATE RENT PAYMENT, MY BANK CHARGES INTEREST WITHOUT INDICATING THE ACTUAL INTEREST RATE. Can a bank, in accordance with the standards, collect interest on the rent of the locker? Please explain…