Collective Agreement Is The

In the event of disagreement within the joint representative body, the General Assembly (or conference) of the collective of workers adopts the draft collective agreement it deems appropriate and asks the union or any other representative body empowered by the workers who have drawn up the project to start negotiations on that basis, after approval by the general assembly (or conference). and enter into a collective agreement with the employer on behalf of the collective of workers. At the law firm NJORD, we have extensive experience in legal advice in relation to collective agreements. We support you by giving you an overview of the conditions of your employees. Our lawyers advise on both collective agreement rights and rights arising from other countries. Section 12. Procedure and period for the development and conclusion of a collective agreement. The procedure and timeframe for the development and conclusion of a draft collective agreement, participation in the committee under Section 7 of this Act, and the location and agenda of the negotiations are defined by the parties and recorded in a document that obliges the company and the decisions of the union or representative body authorized by the workers. A collective agreement may include special rights for workers, including the right to collective bargaining: collective agreements also include decisions on working time and overtime pay.

Trade Union Pro`s collective agreements include, for example, agreements on shift work differences, travel allowances, sick pay, maternity leave benefits, leave pay and child care benefits. The negotiating parties have full freedom to choose and discuss proposed issues for inclusion in the collective agreement or collective agreement. Executive bodies as well as employers and their organisations provide the information necessary to organize collective bargaining for trade union or representative organisations authorized by workers. Participants in the negotiations and anyone else involved in the process should not disclose to them the information they have when it comes to a matter of state security or trade secrecy. People Agreements are usually field specific. They include the conditions of employment of working office workers, for example. B, in the finance, IT services, construction, metallurgical and data communication sectors. The collective agreement may include the following reciprocal obligations of the employer and workers: disability for both employers and employees, individually or in representation of trade unions and employers` organizations, have the right to take action in labour courts that seek the application of clauses of right of thought clauses that they invalidate (Article 43 , Collective Labour Relations Act).