Atomy Member Agreement

1. Members may revoke their membership at any time and for any reason. Membership is withdrawn by the member after receipt and verification of the completed termination form. Re-entry can only take place one year (12 months) from the date of withdrawal.2. The company reserves the right to terminate or impose the member who has violated one of the following rules:i) government laws), but a member can file an appeal within 7 days and any decision of the company is considered final. These conditions are also applicable if one of the parties has denounced the agreement. Subject to applicable law, we reserve the right to suspend or deny your access to all or part of the Site, at our sole discretion, with or without notice. a) Persons legally married as husband and wife join Atomy in the form of an affiliation and anyone can choose to be a primary or secondary member. If the senior member of Atomy resigns, the secondary member is automatically terminated.b) Commissions are paid only to the senior member and all tax taxes, including the tax return, are due to the principal member.c) A person`s spouse or partner are considered captains only if they are registered under the couple`s affiliation and are subject to the participation of the company. (Including the right to participate in Atomy Leaders Club and Promotion Ceremonies)d) After confirmation, dual membership is subject to disciplinary action.e) Applications for membership or changes to the couple`s affiliation must be filed under the legal name of the same and all information provided must be true.f) If the members of the couple (who perform master`s ceremonies above the Auto-Sales-Master level) are registered under two different member identifiers – dual registration) the last membership ID may be terminated in accordance with the master`s board. All refunds, product exchanges or cancellations are made in accordance with Atomy`s refund and exchange policies that are available at: atomyservice.com/product-refunds-and-exchanges/ or as by Atomy from time to time.

Members must notify the company when changes are made to their bank account and contact information. The entity has no responsibility if members do not receive commission or other communications, if they do not update the company on such changes. After the death of a member, the member`s interests may be passed on to his or her spouse, children or certain family members, provided that the member is accepted by the company in accordance with the company`s existing rules and regulations. 1. All members must use their legal name at the time of registration.2. New members must complete the necessary information and pass it on online to the company in the case of AtomyService sponsorship.3 Members must confirm that all information provided is complete and accurate.4. Registration is subject to the company`s permission. Once the company has conducted a thorough review of the information and documents provided by the registrant, the membership process is considered complete.5