Service Agreement On Sap

The system may determine that parts or services are covered by a spare parts warranty, a technical service bulletin (recall), an equipment warranty or a service contract. This eligibility check may also determine that the service contract does not cover the parties or services requested and that the client must pay for them. Once Detering Consulting`s BWB solutions have been added to your SAP system, your service contract billing agents can access BWB services via a user interface. BWB can also improve your operation by streamlining the data flow for the employees responsible for ordering spare parts. Knowledge of the status of service contracts can also improve the planning and maintenance processing of recalls or other technical service bulletins, repairs and warranty requirements. This can be especially useful if your service centers are geographically distributed or if your company will outsource service and maintenance to third parties. The SAP CRM Mobile Service app is available to meet the requirements of the field agent. These applications are run offline and can be synced with CRM servers. Internet Customer self-service (ICSS), a web application that can be used by Internet users for the CRM service. As webClient, it offers the following service functions: A service contract consists of detailed information that has been agreed with the recipient of the service, such as.B. – By adding to sap`s default system and using SAP best practices, sap service contract billing solution uses the best SAP features, while BWB adds to SAP features you already know and use new features such as verification Permissions.

Since you`ve already acquired your SAP license; No additional SAP license is required to add sap service contract billing to your system. The solution itself is provided by Detering Consulting for a small annual fee for software, configuration, manual settings, advice and documentation. SAP service contract billing solution is a new combination of advanced consulting and BWB software and configuration services. Some common questions asked by people regarding the billing of service contracts and SAP are: service contracts, also known as extended warranties and service programs, are entitled to customers to share and provide services for a fee. Service contracts provide customers with predictable service costs and ensure that equipment is maintained on a regular basis. Customers included in the service contract as well as reference items could be used in the contract search process, which results in the presentation of contracts available at a given time for the customer concerned and the subject of reference. It also leads to the definition of the data level of service agreement (SLA).