Sap Rebate Agreement Process

When you put in place a discount agreement, the system sometimes indicates that the volume of sales is not up to date. This can be done after changes have been made to the delivery conditions. In this case, you must run the SDBONT06 report (of the SE38 transaction) to make the correct updates. This wiki page explains how discount processing is done in distribution and distribution. Type of contract 0005 (Regardless of the volume of sale) This type of agreement allows a lump sum payment to a debtor. Because it is independent of sales volume, no limit is generated automatically. As a general rule, a manual delimitation is generated for the amount of the agreement and payments are made over the duration of the agreement until the final count is made. You have to do two things here. First, select the relevant billing documents for discounts. Second, you activate discounts for your distribution organizations. Some of the benefits of using discount management systems are: Create the “Partial Discount Count” (credit) billing proof in reference to the “partial compensation requirement” using the “VF01” reservation code.

The discount feature requires some types of special prices. The basic concept and settings are similar to standard pricing using packaging techniques. You must add the discount-related price conditions to your pricing process. These conditions are invoked during pricing only in billing statements. To define these parameters, the IMG – Sale and Distribution – Billing – Discount Processing – Discount Packaging Technique is now discussed on the most important points to mention in discount configurations. In the pricing procedure just above the net value of the item, we specify a sub-total basis for “discounts” by indicating the value “7” for the “sub-total” field that updates the discount base in the “KOMP” table and the “BONBA” field. Final count: Here we must indicate the “B1” file to create Belegra`s discount credit requirement, while the final tally is final to the debitor. A discount agreement stores discount data and controls the entire processing of discounts.

Price rates for processing rebates are also stored in the discount agreement. You can create a discount contract for a particular customer using the SAP menu – Logistics – Distribution and Distribution – Basic Data – Agreements – Discount Agreement – Creation (VBO1). In the first screen that appears, you indicate the type of discount agreement and the organization data for which you want to establish an ebate agreement. Standard SAP offers five types of discount agreements to choose from: To see the discount limits updated in the discount agreement, select the conditionality rate managed in the agreement and select the “Payment Data” symbol. Below are the main benefits of using discount solutions at SAP ECC. Because of the benefits mentioned below, almost all customers who have implemented SAP use this feature to a large extent.