Mdc Financial Obligation Agreement

Students can only enrol in classes for the normal duration of the school if there is a written agreement between the school and the MDC to offer the course to dual-enrollment students. Courses may be offered at the school, on the university campus or at other accredited sites. Students are responsible for their own transportation to the university campus. Classes can be given before school, after school and in the summer. However, if the student must obtain a bachelor`s degree before the expected date of a post-secondary course, the student cannot enrol in that course through an alternating enrolment. Who is eligible for the Dual Enrollment program in Miami Dade? Note: Students who participate in a dual enrollment must obtain a “C” or higher level in their university courses and make a GPA of 3.0 in high school in order to continue to participate in the training. Students with a GPA college of less than 2.0 are not allowed to continue their internship on an alternating basis. Students may lose their right of access if they disrupt the learning process. Students in classes 6-12 enrolled in public, private or charter schools in Miami Dade County can participate in the MDC Dual Enrollment program. The ACCESS department is made available to students with disabilities when they need services or assistance.

You can turn to (305) 237-2767 Room 2121. Who pays for university courses for dual enrolment? Please check your account regularly MyMDC.net email! No, there are some restrictions in the choice of courses: where to get more information about the alternating registration program and registration procedures? Click on the “Financial Commitment Confirmation Form” (link left) to remove registration for each semester. Please note: Contact services for hours of work. Dual Enrollment is a program that allows eligible students currently attending accredited public, private or home schools to enroll concurrently in college courses. The credits that students earn at the MDC must be used for the high school diploma and are acceptable for an associate college or a bachelor`s degree or technical certificate.